CajoueEVENT: GAME EVENT – THURSDAY January 18th – @7 pm !
Join us @  Work’n’Share to play with friends and discover the different games presented by Sandro Dall’Aglio ! Easy and fun to play . We promise you will have a real blast and a fresh beer from La Nébuleuse.
100% SMILE and RELAX.


You can win a special gift from our partner L’Atelier du Jeu in Pully!
Elsewhere…. you will be bored! #game #play #lausanne #event

Leadership Co.Llab | “Letting go & moving forward”

Lausanne peeps – this is for YOU!!!! First Leadership Co.Llab!
What do you want more of and less of? What stays in 2017 and what do you want 2018 to bring?

Explore what do you want to achieve by 2018 in a stimulating get-together experience. Nadene Canning and Simone Reeves will facilitate this first leadership co.llab in Lausanne.

Subscribe here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/leadership-collab-letting-go-and-moving-forward-tickets-39910507402

*The Co.Llab* is an unconventional meeting of inquisitive and forward-thinking minds, hosted in an environment that stimulates sharing, collaboration and new insights. The collaboratory is designed and tested to explore topics that matter with people who care.

*We invite your:*
Forward looking, appreciative attitude
Openness, willingness and curiosity
Ability to challenge and be challenged while remaining supportive
Experience, knowledge and personal leadership

*We assume you want:*
A relaxed space to hear yourself think outloud
To gain fresh insights, ideas and perspectives that help you find your answer
To be part of an inclusive community that bridges generations
Eye opening engagement

*Intrigued?* Then please do come join us, we very much look forward to welcoming you for this end of year session when we’ll craft what it is we each want to make happen in our lives in 2018

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